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Chester – Cat Oil Painting

Cat painting by Carolyn Jarvis
“Chester” 12″x12″ oil

Chester is my #1 cat.

animal paintings · cat paintings

Cat on Black Chair – Tabby Cat Painting

Cat on Black Chair painting _ Carolyn Jarvis
“Cat on Black Chair” – 12″x12″ oil

Cat on Black Chair” is an oil painting of my cat Silky. He  purrs constantly and loves to sleep under the sheets and blankets in our guest bedroom. He never met anyone he didn’t like and is quite the party animal!

animal paintings · cat paintings

Cute Cat Painting – My Cat Poses for Oil Painting

Chester, cat oil painting

I named my cute cat Chester because when he was a kitty he loved to sit on my chest. He’s 14 years old now. These days he likes lounging on a large recliner with my husband who says Chester likes watching basketball on TV.

He looks like a Maine Coon cat but he’s a mixture. His coloring is grey, brown and black. But I painted him orange and brown against blue because I thought it would make a more colorful painting.

Don’t you think my cat posed nicely for his painting?