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My New Facebook Fan Page

"Turquoise Sea" ocean painting by Carolyn Jarvis
“Turquoise Sea” 12″x16″

Visit my new Facebook Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/CarolynJarvisPaintings-208906566251823/photos/.

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I’ll Be at Artisans’ Co-op Gallery Painters’ Showcase March 18

Artisans' Co-op Gallery, Bodega, CA
Artisans’ Co-op Gallery, Bodega, CA
Artisans' Co-op Gallery Painters Showcase-Carolyn Jarvis
Artisans’ Co-op Gallery Painters Showcase







I’ll be one of 5 painters participating in the Artisans’ Co-op Painters’ Showcase on March 18, 2017 from noon to 7 pm. There will be demonstrations from noon to 4 pm and a reception and raffle from 4 pm to 7 pm. Hope to see you there, Carolyn.

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Hula Pie and Coffee – Food Still Life Painting In Progress

"Hula Pie and Coffee" -12"x16" acrylic in progress - Carolyn Jarvis
“Hula Pie and Coffee” -12″x16″ acrylic in progress

I photographed my hula pie dessert while eating out in Maui a couple of weeks ago. I just started a food still life painting of this ice cream pie dessert which is drizzled with chocolate and topped with macadamia nuts. I’ll be adding some plumeria flowers to the painting to give it a more tropical feel. Much work needs to be done to finish the painting. Check out my blog next week to see the progress I’ve made.

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Cute Cat Painting – My Cat Poses for Oil Painting

Chester, cat oil painting

I named my cute cat Chester because when he was a kitty he loved to sit on my chest. He’s 14 years old now. These days he likes lounging on a large recliner with my husband who says Chester likes watching basketball on TV.

He looks like a Maine Coon cat but he’s a mixture. His coloring is grey, brown and black. But I painted him orange and brown against blue because I thought it would make a more colorful painting.

Don’t you think my cat posed nicely for his painting?

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Plein Air Painting

Carolyn Jarvis Painting in a Lavender Field
Carolyn Jarvis Painting in a Lavender Field

This is a photo of me plein air painting on a beautiful, sunny day last June in a lavender field at Matanzas Winery in Santa Rosa, California. I’m using my old, small Yarka Russian easel that is a wooden box with 3 aluminum legs attached so no tripod is required. This easel is no longer made.

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Chocolate Banana Cake – Travel Sketch

Chocolate Banana Cake - Travel Sketching
Chocolate Banana Cake – Travel Sketch

Walking along a beach in Fiji, I saw this sign nailed to a palm tree directing us to a hut that served chocolate banana cake, tea and coffee. I photographed it and did a pen and ink/watercolor travel sketch of it later from my photograph.


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Inspiration for My Paintings – Vacations, Especially Italy

Tuscan Home - Italy oil painting
Tuscan Home – 22″x28″ Italy oil painting

Love Italy and tropical places! Tuscan Home was inspired by my memories and photos of Tuscany.